Cardiac Complete

Revolutionizing cardiac rehab for real patient success

A unique dual offering of lifestyle medicine and the Medicare-approved Sharecare-Ornish Program for Virtual ICR.

Only 8% of patients who start cardiac rehab actually complete it

Only 29% of patients who receive a referral for intensive cardiac rehab start the life-saving program. Of those who do, only 2 in 25 actually finish it.

Lack of access, long wait times, insufficient transportation, and psychological barriers are among the long list of barriers preventing completion of cardiac rehab.

A proven v-ICR program at the heart of Cardiac Complete

Nudj Health is the exclusive provider of the Sharecare-Ornish program.

One of only three Medicare approved programs, the Sharecare-Ornish Program remains the only program scientifically proven in randomized controlled trials to reverse the progression of even severe coronary heart disease by lifestyle changes, without drugs or surgery. 

We offer the same hospital proven, Medicare approved cardiac rehab experience - virtually from the patient’s home in a concentrated but flexible 12-week program. 

Care that extends beyond a 12-week program

Cardiac Complete provides a fully stacked care team (as an extension to the care of the following physician) that includes nurses, cardiac fitness experts, registered dietitians, and case managers. This multi-disciplinary team is part of a comprehensive array of virtual services and resources including: remote patient vitals monitoring (RPM), Fitness coaching, exercise classes, nutrition education, stress management and group support.

Our technology platform powers cardiac rehab like never before

Since the delivery of all services is virtual, the technology behind the service is a critical part of how information flows between the patient, the following physician and the Nudj care team. The Nudj Platform is purpose built and enables all aspects of communication, scheduling and tracking.