Nudj Health provides the infrastructure enabling providers to finally integrate lifestyle wellness into patient care

We deliver integrated, whole-person, and continuous care for patients with chronic disease beyond the walls of the doctor’s office in cardiology, oncology and primary care. Our collaborative care model leverages evidence-based, Medicare approved pathways centered around 6 interconnected lifestyle areas.

  • Nutrition
  • Stress Management
  • Physical Activity
  • Sleep Quality
  • Social Support
  • Behavioral Risks

Over 90% of our national health costs, or $3.4 trillion annually, are spent on patients with both chronic disease and mental or behavioral health issues

With 40% of health outcomes, including mortality, determined by the individual lifestyle choices we make, changing behavior is increasingly at the heart of healthcare.

Remote access to wellness and care is more critical than ever

The pandemic has changed the practice of medicine. Compared to pre-pandemic studies in 2019 research from the CDC, HHS and Boston University School of Public Health report:

  • Medicare telehealth utilization during the pandemic has increased 63-fold

  • Depression rates among adults have quadrupled since the early onset of the pandemic

Starting with the heart

Leading cardiac experts have been diagnosing the connection between cardiac disease and behavioral and mental health for decades, making it an ideal entrypoint for Nudj Health.

  • $363 billionspent annually on heart disease
  • 50%of American adults have heart disease
  • 20-30%of cardiac patients suffer from mental health issues, like depression
  • 80%of cardiovascular disease can be prevented

Our tech-enabled service helps providers achieve the Quadruple Aim of Health

Nudj Health integrates behavioral and mental health or “Cardiac Wellness” into cardiology practice, improving outcomes, enhancing patient and provider satisfaction, and reducing acute care and outpatient utilization.

A patient-centered platform designed around evidence-based pathways

Our next-gen technology platform combines physical, behavioral, mental, and social health monitoring capabilities, delivering whole-person care for patients and extended capability to providers.

Care Manager
Wellness Guide
Exercise Coach
Device Manager

A multi-disciplinary behavioral health care team, here for your patients

Move from just telling your patients the changes they need to make, to prescribing the changes with our trained care team focused on whole-person care.

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