12 Week Treatment Program for Mental Health in Lifestyle Medicine

by Katie Hill, MD · 2022

Significantly Reduced Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia in 12 Weeks

for patients with hypertension and atrial fibrillation


PHQ-9 | N=56




GAD-7 | N=35




ISI | N=60



10.1 ISI

Average baseline scores for all patients treated for depression (N=152), anxiety (N=108), and insomnia (N=60) were in the mild range and after 12 weeks decreased to scores near “no disease” cutoffs

Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia: Depression scores decreased 31.4% (N=56), anxiety scores decreased 33.0% (N=35), and insomnia scores decreased 33.2% (N=60). At 12 weeks post intervention program, depression scores decreased 38.8%, anxiety scores decreased 44.4%, and insomnia scores decreased 41.0%

Financially, during one year of program implementation, one referring clinic with 16 physicians generated approximately one million dollars of additional revenue for the full Nudj Health Lifestyle Medicine treatment program

Adapting collaborative care to deliver lifestyle medicine within cardiology for stress management and insomnia significantly decreased symptoms in 12 weeks

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*Conflict of interest: The authors are employees of Nudj Health and company stakeholders